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Ruokolahti for nature lovers

The scenery in Ruokolahti is characterised by abundant waterways. In addition to the great Lake Saimaa dominating the south-western part of Ruokolahti, the municipality is home to 500 clear-watered smaller lakes. Ruokolahti canoe route and the Ruokolahti hiking route offer an opportunity to see and experience the beauty of the natural lake environment. Both routes have a length of about 100 kilometres, but there are shorter alternative routes as well (Lääväkorpi-Syväjärvi trail). There are several places for breaks and camping along the routes. Maps are available at the Tourist information which located library Suovilla. Ruokolahti boasts many attractions favoured by hikers, including the Huuha beach and Haukkavuori hill - the highest spot in South Karelia — situated on the border between Ruokolahti and Rautjärvi. Haukkavuori is a magnificent viewing point, a historic landmark and a protected Natura area. Ruokolahti is also an excellent place for fishing, orienteering, bicycling, cross-country skiing, paragliding and many other pastimes. A Local businesses arrange various types of cultural events, trips and adventure.
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